Customers of Mystic Lake Casino Have More Dining Options


It must be one of the longest remodelling projects of any casino, that being the expansion and complete refurbishment of the Minnehaha Café over at the Mystic Lake Casino, for it has been in progress for the last 6 months.

However, good news if anyone out there is planning on visiting that huge casino resort any time soon, for that remodelling project has finally come to an end and the Minnehaha cafe is once again open for business, so players can now grab a meal when they fancy taking  break from the gaming tables.

The Minnehaha Café has actually been a familiar venue with visitors of the Mystic Lake Casino Hotel for many years, for it was part of the original set of restaurants that were on offer to customers when the casino first swung open their doors back in the 1990’s.

Several other dining establishments are were also part of that remodelling project, and guests of the hotel are now able to order a meal at any of them and get them delivered to their hotel rooms or suites via the casinos room service facility.

That cafe refurbishment was, however, the only part of the casino that was part of the remodelling project, and no part of the actual gaming floor was refurbished during the renovations. 

That is not really too much of a surprise for the casinos’ gaming floor really is a sight to behold and has always looked fresh, clean and bright, and is one of the much more welcome gaming floors gamblers are likely to come across in that part of the world.

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