Deaths Reported at Site of New Hard Rock Casino

Team of firefighters by firetruck on accident location.

The new Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Resort in New Orleans has been under construction for quite some time and had been slightly ahead of its target date for completion, however tragedy stuck on Saturday when part of the building collapsed.

Emergency services and rescue teams rushed to the property and two people were sadly found to be dead at the scene, with several others unaccounted for. However, it has now been confirmed that the death toll remains at two.

Many others had been injured in the accident, with almost two dozen people having been taken to hospital for treatment, fortunately all of those taken to hospital were not seriously injured, and all have been described by a hospital spokesman as being in a stable condition.

It was around 9am in the morning that the upper floors of the building collapsed, trapping many construction workers underneath, however at this stage no one reason has been found as to why part of the building had collapsed.

It was believed that some 45 people in total had been working on the building when it collapsed, with a fair number of them suffering some sort of injury.

Everybody that had been working in the building have now been accounted for and the families of those who were killed are being supported at this very difficult time.

The Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in New Orleans was due to open in the spring of this year, however after this tragic accident the opening date is expected to be much later now.

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