Derelict Mint Casino in Derby To Be Sold Off

Mint Casino Derby Sold

The city centre in Derby is, in places, in a very sorry state, for there are a number of old derelict buildings that have been left abandoned for many years now and there has been no rush for developers to step in and regenerate that part of the city.

However, that does appear to be about to change for a number of city centre buildings have been bought by the council, who appear to be keeping very tight-lipped as to who the seller of those properties was.

Those buildings include a couple of nightclubs and the former Mint Casino that has been looking in a very sorry state for a number of years, however it is not known whether the buildings are going to be knocked down completely and new nightclubs or even a new casino will be built in their place.

Derby is currently well served, however, by the Genting Club Derby, which is located at Derby Riverlights, Morledge, and whether there is the need or enough customers for another casino to be built there does of course remain to be seen, especially as the Mint Casino did close for economic reasons several years ago and had its licence transferred to the Genting Casino.

What is not in doubt though, is that the part of the city centre in which those buildings are standing empty will certainly benefit from a complete makeover and regeneration. However, whether additional shops are needed or whether more entertainment type premises could be opened there is up for debate.

We will of course let you know as soon as it is discovered what the council plan to do with those buildings and former casino as it is doubtful they are going to be leaving them in an abounded and derelict state for too long, but perhaps it is possible that they will be turned into homes, as opposed to being used as business premises.

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