Dominick Ruggerio Demands Casinos Employ More Sportsbook Staff

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It is not unusual for a Senate President to speak out publicly on any topics he feels needs bringing to the attention of the wider world, however, over in Rhode Island, the Democratic Senate President, Dominick Ruggerio, has certainly picked an unusual topic to speak out about.

He has gone on record to say that the many local casinos that have recently been permitted to open up sportsbooks in their properties need to employ more staff to take bets off customers.

In fact, he is so concerned about gamblers having to queue to get their bets placed he has said that the state is actually losing out on income due to many such sports bettors not being able to get their bets placed in time.

What appears to have sparked his comments is that on Sunday just gone, lots of people couldn’t get their bets placed before the start of football games played that day due to the sheer number of people in the lines, and he says this appears to be an ongoing problem.

Many Casino operators have allayed his worries and have stated that they are shortly planning on adding more betting kiosks and also installing self services terminals so that customers can place their bets themselves.

The Twin River Casino which is located over in Lincoln took a record $170,000 on its sportsbooks opening day which was far more than the casino operators had been expecting, and one interesting fact about the customers they have visiting their sportsbook is that more than half of them are from outside the state.

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