Dover Downs Casino Christmas Opening Hailed a Success

merry xmas

It was always going to be a gamble opening up the casino at Dover Downs on Christmas Day, however it would appear that gamble has paid off, for the casino did report a busy day of trade with plenty of customers choosing to spend some of the day gambling there.

When it was announced that Dover Downs would be the only casino in the area that would be opening up on Christmas Day, many people were aghast, with quite a number of local residents stating that out of the couple of days each year when local casinos were usually closed, that being on Christmas Day and Easter, the former should be one that they remain closed.

However, it was part and parcel of the gambling tax reform bill that enables any casinos to open on those two days if they wished to, and it was only the Dover Downs Casino that decided they would give Christmas Day opening a go.

Many customers that did make the trek to the casino reported they had a fun time, and much preferred spending some time gambling rather than sitting at home of their own.

Therefore it will be no surprise if at Easter time that casino does choose to once again open its doors to an eager public. However, as for whether the two other local casinos are going to follow suit does remain to be seen.

There were no reports of any massive jackpot winners on Christmas Day, however the atmosphere inside the casino from all reports was a jovial one, with many of the casino employees also stating that they were also happy to be at work too, so it appears to be a win-win situation for the casino, its customers and the casino employees too.

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