Dover Downs Casino will be Open on Christmas Day

christmas casino concept

This year will be an historic one at the Dover Downs Casino. For the first time in history it will have its front doors open and unlocked on Christmas Day, allowing their customers to get stuck into playing their usual favourite casino games.

It was back in June of this year that a relief bill was signed and put into law which allows each of the three land based casinos that are located in Delaware to open up not only on Christmas Day but also at Easter.

However, it is only the Dover Downs Casino that has chosen to take advantage of the change in the law, with the other two casinos deciding they would rather keep Christmas Day special and will have their doors firmly locked that day.

Those two other casinos for reference are the Harrington Raceway and Casino and Delaware Park Casino, but you can be sure their management teams will be keeping an eye on just how busy Dover Downs Casino is on Christmas Day, and if the crowds choose to flock there then next year they will possibly follow suit and open up on the 25th of December.

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