Early Bird Wins £13.2million Playing the Megabucks Slot

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The beauty of playing any of the many different networkwide and linked Megabucks progressive slot machines, is that you never know when and at what time of the night or day their jackpots are going to be won, or in which casino a player is going to walk off with a life changing jackpot.

Well, early in the morning on Sunday at 8.28am one player decided to play the IGT designed Triple Red Hot Sevens version of those slots and managed to spin in the three Megabucks symbols on its one single pay-line.

That winning combination did of course change that players life forever, for it marked the arrival of a huge $13.2million jackpot pay-out. It was over at the Sunset Station in Henderson that player was playing, and for a $3 stake it was certainly a wise investment.

Not a lot is known about the player, for as is their right, they can opt for completely anonymity. However, it is known that they are from Arizona and are a regular guest of the Sunset Station Casino in Henderson.

Apparently, the player hadn’t been playing that slot for very long before the jackpot paying winning combination spun in, with one of the management team saying the player had been playing for just a couple of minutes. The exact value of the jackpot won was a whopping $13,154,723.

In fact, it has been discovered that the lucky player had inserted just $40 into the slot and was playing it at the maximum $3 stake level to have the progressive jackpot aspect of the pay table in play, which does show just how lucky they were.

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