Finding the Best Value Online Casino Comp Clubs

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A casino comp club is simple a loyalty type of scheme which rewards players for their real money gaming action at any of the games on offer at a casino site or venue.

When playing in a land based casino, all members of a casino comp club are given a small plastic card which they must either insert into the gaming machine they are playing or hand it over to the dealer or croupier when playing games such as Blackjack or Roulette.

Then by simply playing, points are accumulated on that card, and once a player has earned enough points they can then exchange them for cash, slot play, food and drinks or even free rooms at the casino resort.

However, online casinos have latched onto the fact that players want to take advantage of such a scheme, and unlike when playing in a land based casino, online casino sites automatically award players with comps without them having to make use of such a player’s card.

The only major difference between land based casinos and online comp club schemes is that when playing at the latter the points a player accumulates can usually only be turned into playing credits.

In all playing environments comp points are earned on the amount of gaming action you give a casino, and as such it is not based on losses, just action.

So, if you make a small value deposit but can recycle your bankroll multiple times through a slot machine by having a session on which you spin in a lot of winning combinations, you could earn a huge number of coin points.

Below I am going to be taking a look at what makes some online casino comp club schemes much more rewarding that others, just so you know what to look out for when comparing them, as you hunt around for a casino site at which to play.

Multi-Tiered Comp Clubs


Some casino sites offer multi-tiered comp club schemes, and by doing so they are giving away additional extras to their most loyal and regular customers.

How such schemes work is that players will be required to earn a certain number of comp points, and by doing so they will then move up one tier of the comp club scheme in place at that casino site.

By moving up a tier they then earn more points and will often find the redemption rates for turning their points into playing credits or even cash will be lower.

The only downside to such multi-tiered comp club schemes is that players need to retain their status and tier, which is done by amassing a certain number of points each month, if they do not manage to achieve the required number they then drop down to the previous tier.

Points Multipliers


One promotional offer that will benefit slot players in particular is when a casino is offering players additional comp points if and when they set about playing certain slots.

Comp multiplier days will allow you to earn many more comp points than normal and most casinos will tend to offer such a promotion on major public holidays or at certain times of the year.

For example, at Easter, look out for casinos which are offering comp point multipliers on their Easter themed slots. However, you will also find such offers readily available on Halloween, over the Christmas period and so on.

It is always going to be just how large the point multipliers are as to how many additional comp points you will earn via such promotions, so be prepared to shop around for the best offers.

But never be lured into playing slots with low RTP’s simply to earn more comp points, as low RTP’s will see you not getting as much play time as slots that have higher RTP’s, so always double check to find out which slots come with the highest payout percentages if you fancy taking part in such a promotion at any casino sites you are a member of.

Points Earned and Redemption Rates

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When you are doing your own research for a new casino site to play at, always spend some time looking at how the comp club schemes have been designed.

The most important features of any comp club scheme are just how much you will need to wager to earn each comp points and also how many points you will need to turn those points into cash or playing credits.

It is always going to be the casino sites or apps that give away more points and have the lowest redemption rates that are going to be offering their players the maximum value.

Plus, as mentioned earlier, some casinos now have multi-tiered comp club schemes in place on their sites and as such that does also need taking into account, and some of those types of comp club schemes will award a no deposit or deposit match bonus to player’s achieving the next tier, too.

Try not to be lured into spending more money than you initially intended when gambling at an online casino site and never become obsessed with reaching the next tier of any comp club scheme. This could see you spending a small fortune doing so and the additional rewards that are going to then be on offer to you may not be worth that much after all, so keep that in mind when playing!

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