Fishin’ Frenzy Prizelines

Fishin' Frenzy Slot

You will never have seen nor played a slot game like the new Fishin’ Frenzy Prize Lines slot that Blueprint Gaming have released, for it is 100% unique and offers a completely different playing structure and engine to all their other slot machines.

Fishin' Frenzy Slot Review (Blueprint Gaming)
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I would suggest you play the Fishin’ Frenzy slot for free initially, as that way you can play at no risk whilst evaluating whether its unique engine and the prize lines structure is one you will enjoy playing for real money at a later date, as it will take some getting used to, there is no doubt about that.


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Blueprint Gaming

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December 2020

Allow me to run through the basics of the game initially, so you have some idea of what you can expect to find if you do decide to track it down and play it.

The basic format of the game is a 5 x 5 grid in which different reel symbols will be displayed, and the aim is to form a line of matching symbols.

However, you do not get one spin you get five per game you play off, and as such you will be hoping to land as many matching reel symbols ion its 12 pay lines. 

At the side of the screen, you will see a cash ladder, and for each winning combination you form on your five initial spins, you will then move up that prize ladder. There are some 11 cash awards displayed on that prize ladder by the way so the higher you move up it the better.


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The game has been designed with a long term expected RTP of 95.03%, and the maximum payout it can award cumulatively is a mind blowing 250,000.00 in the currency you are playing it in.

Buy More Spins Feature

You will find that once you have played off your five initial spins, you may be offered the option to purchase additional spins. The cost of those extra spins will be displayed on the screen and will ultimately be determined by just where you have arrived at on the prize ladder on your previous spins.

Frenzy Spins

If you manage to form 8 or more prize lines on any one single game, then you can opt to take the Frenzy Spins feature.

By doing so you will then end up with Fish or Pip symbols spinning in as they play off, be aware that during the feature each Fish that does appear will award a cash payout and each of the Frenzy Spins you play off will give you 25 chances of winning a cash prize too.

Symbols and Graphics

I do have to say that due to the structure of this slot game, the reel symbols, animations ands graphics and not outstanding, for with just the two basic reel symbols and the way the prize line structure operate it is a basic playing and looking slot but on you can and possible will quickly warm to.

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