Former Ocean Resort Casino Owner Bruce Deifik Dies in Car Crash

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The former owner of the Ocean Resort Casino, that being Bruce Deifik, has sadly been killed in a car crash at the age of sixty-four, whilst driving home from watching a baseball game in Denver.

Deifik who is best known as a property developer had purchased the defunct Revel Casino and spent a fortune revamping the shuttered casino and bringing it back to its former glory as the rebranded Ocean Resort Casino.

However, things didn’t go as planned for that casino, and ultimately he decided to cut his losses and set about finding a new owner for the casino, which he did manage to do but did lose out on the deal financially, due to the casino not packing in the customers that he had hoped it would.

In fact, whilst the deal to sell the casino property had been agreed, he hadn’t yet completed the sale to Luxor Capital who are a New York based hedge fund, however that deal is expected to be finalised soon.

Tributes poured in from many people in Atlantic City, especially from many of the 3000 plus people the reopened casino now employs. 

Many people that had also been caught up in the storms that had affected South East America in September of last year expressed their shock at his death, for Deifik had offered free accommodation in the casinos hotel for anybody that was fleeing those storms, and many people did take him up on his generous offer.

Figures released show that the Ocean Resort Casino had been losing huge sums of money over the latter few months of last year, with those losses increasing month after month.

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