Free Spins Slot Machine Bonus Game Trigger Rates Revealed

free spins

Most video slots these days offer players the chance of triggering at the very least one bonus feature, however some slot machines can award several different bonus games at once.

Being completely random games of chance means that there is never any real way of knowing just when a bonus game will trigger.

But based on the number of bonus game awarding symbols on each reel, and the way they award their respective bonus games, it is possible to work out how frequently they should be triggered.

By knowing just how many reel symbols are on each individual reel, and how many of those symbols will trigger a bonus feature, such as a set of free spins, a pick and win or pick and match or even a wheel spinning bonus game, it is possible to work out the number of base game spins on average it will take to trigger each of them.

Thanks to modern day technology, it is possible to work out the reel symbols layout and number of symbols on each reel of any slot machine, and that is something you are going to discover below.

Just do keep in mind though, that the number of spins it could actually take to trigger a bonus game or bonus feature will vary in real life, but the figures showcased below are based on the average number of spins over the long term play of each respective slot machine.

Pick and Win Based Bonus Games

A pick and win styled bonus game is one, which when triggered, players will be awarded with a set number of picks, and will then be able to set forth picking off symbols from the bonus game screen.

Each symbol revealed will then award a set number of coins and once a player has made all of their selections the total number of coins awarded on each pick are added together and awarded as a final winning payout.

Below are a range of online slot machines, and the number of spins on average it will take to trigger their respective pick and win bonus games, based on players playing the maximum number of pay lines available.

Big Kahuna Slot – 96 Spins and 72 Spins (Two Bonus Games)

Mermaids Millions Slot – 63 Spins 

King Cashalot Slot – 112 Spins 

Wasabi San Slot – 63 Spins 

What on Earth Slot – 120 Spins 

As such, based on the above set of figures, players are going to trigger the bonus games on the Mermaids Millions slot and the Wasabi San slot plenty of times over the long term, many more times than when playing most other video slots.

Free Spins Bonus Game Trigger Rates

Probably the single most exciting bonus game you can trigger when playing video slots are the free spins feature rounds. Those type of bonus games are usually triggered by scatter symbols spinning into view, and it is often three or more of them in any position that will award a set of free spins.

The number of free spins awarded can and will vary from slot to slot, as will the multiplier value in play for the duration of the free spins feature round.

To help slot players locate a slot on which they will, on average, trigger more bonus games, below are the trigger rates on some of the most popular and easiest to locate online slot games.

Cashapillar Slot – 169 Spins

Bush Telegraph Slot – 143 Spins

DogFather Slot 76 Spins

Tally Ho Slot – 143 Spins

Twister Slot – 94 Spins 

So, for players that do enjoy triggering plenty of free spins bonus games, the slot they should be making a beeline to play is the DogFather slot. 

Wild Reels Bonus Games

The next generation of All Ways and All Pays slots can and do offer players hundreds and sometimes thousands of ways to win off a single base game spin, and those slots have proven to be some of the most played ones online.

As there is no need to have to wager on every single way to win when playing such slots, the small increment of coins that are required to spin the reels on such slots do make them very cost effective slots to play.

Plenty of 243 ways to win slots are available online, and several of them have something known as random wild reel features. That bonus feature is awarded at random once the spin button has been clicked, and when awarded one to five of the reels can be turned completely wild.

Obviously when playing such a slot and such a bonus game is triggered, players will be on the edge of their seats praying that all five reels get turned wild, as when they are that player will then be awarded 243 jackpots.

However, it is not possible to work out exactly when such a bonus game will be awarded, but based on probabilities it is possible to get a good idea of just how many base game spins on average it will take.

Below are the top three 243 ways to win slots that players will find available at numerous casino sites, and alongside each of them you will find the number of base game spins it takes on average before the wild reels bonus game is awarded.

Thunderstruck II – Wild Storm Feature – 350 Spins

Immortal Romance – Wild Desire Feature – 400 Spins

Finer Reels of Life – Wild Celebration Feature  – 300 Spins

The only downside of triggering the wild reels bonus feature round is that there is never any knowing just how many reels will turn wild, so players could play off a large number of base game spins and finally trigger the feature and only one reel gets turned wild. Which can obviously be a huge disappointment.

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