From Tent to Casino Resort – The Soboba Casino Opens Today

opening ribbon

The Soboba Casino over in San Jacinto opened back in 1995, however that property was not one that anybody would call an impressive venue, for it was a casino that was housed in a large tent and one that didn’t have much by the way of additional facilities, other than the gaming floor and a couple of small nondescript food outlets.

However, that has all changed for today the all new Soboba Casino opens in a brand new building, and what an impressive building that is.

Also, in a couple of days the hotel adjoining that property will also be opened which is going to make it much more akin to a luxury casino resort than a smoke filled gambling den which it once was.

Four new restaurants are going to now be available within the casino resort, including the 24 hours a day Fairway Cafe, a Noodle Bar a first class restaurant known as the Canyons along with the Restaurant Row which can be best described as a food court in which hungry customers can find all manner of additional eateries serving everything from pub style grub to Mexican food.

The gaming floor is huge and spread over it will be some 2000 slot machines of every description and some 32 table games too. A brand new air conditioning system has also been installed which is going to help disperse the cigarette smoke which the old venue sadly became quite famous for.

So anybody that had visited the old Soboba Casino and didn’t rate the place very highly should certainly get themselves over to the new casino, for they are not going to be able to recognise the place and will certainly have plenty of dining and gaming options at their disposal.

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