FSB Creates Compliance Academy

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As part of a drive to improve its compliance frameworks and procedures, the well-known sports betting platform provider, FSB Tech, has signed up with SMP eGaming to create a Compliance Academy training scheme for staff and managers.

Known for their work in multi-jurisdictional licensing and regulatory auditing, as part of the deal, SMP will create a Compliance Academy scheme to help FSB fulfilling meet its obligations in what is becoming a tougher regulatory environment for all gambling operators. 

Addressing the initiative, the Business Development Director of FSB, Richard Thorp, said that it would help to strengthen FSB’s position within the gambling sector as it expands internationally:

The SMP Compliance Academy is an essential tool for professionals throughout the gaming industry and reflects an acute awareness of the growing need to stay fully informed of regulatory and compliance requirements.”

Tougher regulatory environment

SMP operate a bespoke Learning Management Software program that provides a complete training hub for gambling companies who want to improve awareness of compliance issues among their staff, and to develop more robust policies in this area, and FSB is just the latest in a string of gambling operators who have sought the help of SMP to create a compliance training scheme.

The tougher regulatory environment in the UK gambling industry, including the tightening of rules around compliance, money laundering and problem gambling, recently prompted long established bookmaker Betfred to link up with SMP to produce a compliance training program that would enable the company to provide a higher level of training for staff at all level.

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