Gold Coast Second Casino Not Yet Guaranteed

View from the water of Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast

The debate on Australia’s Gold Coast as to whether a second land-based casino is needed at all is still raging, in fact the debate has now entered the public consultation stage, and that does of course mean that residents are finally going to have their concerns heard.

The local community does, however, seem to be split on whether a second casino is going to benefit the area, for many people think it would be an excellent idea and will help increase the number of people employed in the area and will help tourism too.

But on the other hand, there are no shortages of people that are completely against the idea and are prepared to go to whatever lengths they feel are necessary to get the idea quashed once and for all.

The consultation period is now live, and people have until Monday to but their point of view forward, and then a decision is likely to be made on whether a new casino resort will be given the green light.

Whilst the powers that be are convinced a new casino should be given the go ahead, it has not been revealed where it will be built if local opposition can be overcome, however there are potentially eleven different sites that are being looked into in and around the Gold Coast.

What is concerning people living in Carey Park is that they feel that the casino is going to be built on their doorstep and the majority of them it would appear do not want it built there for varying reasons, but most people are in agreement that if the new casino is given the go ahead then it should be built on private land and not the public land many people feel it is going to be built on.

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