Grosvenor Casino Player Bags a Massive 3 Card Poker Jackpot

3 Card Poker Progressive Jackpot Won

If you have ever played the standard version of three card poker then you will not need told that it is a game on which you can have some wild and profitable winnings streaks, and sometimes you can have no luck in the world playing it.

However, it is certainly a popular casino card game across the globe, for there is no skill or special talents needed by players to play 3 Card Poker, as you are faced with simply choosing which part of the game, either the base game or the bonus bet to place your bet on, and then sit back and hope for the best as the dealer deals out the playing cards.

But many land based casinos, especially over in the UK where 3 Card Poker is very popular have also got on offer a progressive version of that game, and as such players are given the ability of placing a completely optional bonus side bet wager in the hope that the correct playing card combination is dealt out and that side bet wager then qualifies them for the progressive jackpot.

It can take many months for that jackpot to eventually get won, however one lucky player who was playing at the Nottingham Grosvenor Casino has just bagged the progressive jackpot playing that variant and has walked off with a cool £33,000 in cash!

As is the players right, they have opted for no publicity and as such we cannot tell you who that player was, but what we can say is that they have stated that they are going to be using a large chunk of those winnings to take their family and a few friends on a holiday of a lifetime to the Caribbean.

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