Illegal Gambling Den Busted in Putnam County

red and blue flashing lights of the police car at the checkpoint

From the outside, the property located on State Road 16 South in Putnam County appeared to be a simple office, however what went on inside that property was a little more interesting to say the least.

The Putnam County Sheriff’s office had word that all manner of illegal gambling activities were taking place in the property, and decided to raid the building to find out if that was the case.

However, once the raid was in progress it appeared that whilst there were illegal gambling activities taking place inside, they also found weapons and drugs too, leading officers to believe it was owned and operated by a local crime organisation.

As of yet the Putnam County Sheriff’s office have not released any more details about the raid or whether any arrests have yet been made.

In recent months though, there does appear to have been a sharp increase regarding the number of illegal gambling activities that are taking place not only in the local area but across the U.S, too. However, police departments across America are always quick to react when any such property is identified and it usually doesn’t take them very long to raid and then shut down such venues.

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