Impressive First Month Income Figures for the MGM Springfield Casino

New Mgm Springfield Casino

The MGM in Springfield has certainly proven to be a big hit with gamblers, and the very first month of income figure reports that have been published by the recently opened huge and sprawling casino resort, make very interesting reading, to say the least.

It was always going to be the case the casino would do well, for no expense had been spared in its design. However, with competition for gamblers bankrolls being as strong as it is these days, MGM were pinning their hopes on huge numbers of gamblers flocking to the casino.

Their wishes have been granted, it would appear, for the income generated  by the MGM Springfield  slot machines alone in September was a huge $18 million, and when you add to that figure to the income generated by the table games, that being some $8.8 million, MGM must be smiling all the way to the bank.

It is not only MGM that have done extremely well last month from the casino, for the state of Massachusetts also earns a whopping 25% of the venues gross gambling income and therefore has also benefitted to the tune of some $6.7 million by way of the state taxes.

All casino resorts do also earn a small fortune regarding the income from the hotel rooms and suites, along with the restaurants and the bars at such venues and all of the other non-gambling related services and facilities, too.

It is therefore safe to say that the long term future of this newly opened casino resort does look bright, and with the Thanks Giving holiday coming soon, it is probably going to be the case that the figures regarding the income of that venue will continue to grow, as more and more people pay it a visit in the very near future.

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