Integrity of Crown Casino Australia Called into Question

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Some serious allegations have been made regarding the integrity of the management team at the Crown Casino in Australia, thanks to an investigation by several news outlets in Australia which have uncovered not only potentially illegal activities by that company but also by several Australian Government Agencies too.

The allegations made all surround that company’s attempt to lure Chinese based gamblers to their casino in Australia. It is, and always has been, illegal in China for any company to actively promote any type of gambling activities to anyone living or staying there.

However, what has made that situation a whole lot worse, is that it appears that the Federal Government in Australia have also been complicit in fast tracking short stay applications for anyone in China that was lured in by the promotional activities of Crown Casino staff in China, wishing to visit that casino venue in person.

That arrangement to fast track applications has since been confirmed by the Federal Government, and as such a full independent investigation into those dealings has been requested and will shortly begin to take place.

It also appears that due to the promotion of the Crown Casino in China that has enabled criminal gangs based there to launder their ill-gotten gains and move money in and out of China with great ease by using the services offered by the casino.

It was originally the swift action of the Chinese authorities that initially brought these illegal activities to light, for they raided the homes of many Crown Casino employees based in China as they had more than enough proof that those employees were promoting the casino to rich Chinese citizens and getting them fast tracked for visas to visit Australia and stay at the Crown Casino Resort.

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