Last Two West Virginia Casinos Open Sportsbooks

cutting red ribbon

They have been very late to the game, but both the Mardi Gras Casino and its sister property, the Wheeling Island Casino, have finally held the ribbon cutting on their brand new sportsbooks, which now means all five casinos located in West Virginia now have their own respective sportsbook.

Having seen the long lines of people itching to place bets over at The Rivers Casino, and the very first two casinos to open a sportsbook, those being the Hollywood Casino and the Greenbrier Mountaineer Casino, Delaware Northern the owner of the Mardi Gras and Wheeling Island Casinos must have been eager to join them in offering their customers sports betting facilities.

Well, that has now happened and from all reports gamblers at those two additional casinos are just as eager to place sports bets as customers of the other three casinos in the state.

Whilst the actual profits from operating a sportsbook can be low, as long as any sportsbook does have a huge footfall of punters into their sportsbooks and a high turnover of bets placed with them, there is always the potential to make a decent profit, which is what Delaware North will be hoping occurs with those two new betting facilities.

As for the range of bets and wagers that customers of any sportsbook in West Virginia can place, well the list is almost endless, and customers of those venues do have all the usual sporting events available to them which the sportsbooks will be offering a range of odds, money lines and betting markets on.

It is, of course, far too early to tell whether the long term success of those newly opened sportsbooks is guaranteed, but there does appear, with those that have been opened for a few weeks now, to be no shortage of visitors to those sportsbooks eager to place their own respective bets.

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