Live Dealer Casinos

Live Dealer Casinos

You have a choice when playing at online casinos these days as to whether you play the casino card games on offer via software driven gaming platforms, or set about playing the range of live dealer casino games instead.

If you do have something of a passion for playing games such as Baccarat and Blackjack or even casino poker card games, then I would urge you to discover just what the live dealer games have to offer, as in my opinion you are going to find them much more appealing games that the older styled software driven games.

The one thing you are always up against of course when playing any type of card or table games is the house edge, and with games such as Blackjack being designed as games that with some skill in playing, you can reduce the house edge down if you for example learn how to count cards, that is something live dealer casinos do allow you to do.

Software driven Blackjack games for example are designed in such a way that the cyber deck of cards are shuffled before each new game is sent into live play, and as such there is no way in the world that you could ever count cards when playing those games!

How Live Dealer Casino Games Work

The way in which live dealer games have been designed is such that you are going to first and foremost be playing games that are currently being played live in a land based venue.

It is via a set of video cameras that stream the live footage of those live table and card games over the web to your computer as to how you watch them and keep track of everything happening in and around the games themselves.

So you get to see the dealers for example shuffling and then dealing out the cards to you and all other players, and you get to place your bets onto those card games from your own home via your computer.

When playing games such as Roulette for example you also get to see the croupier launching the ball into play and then watch via a zoomed in camera shot the ball spinning around the edge of the wheel and then finally coming to land in one of the ball wells.

As you can see by playing live dealer casino games you do get a much greater sense of fair play, as at all times you see the games being played out in front of your eyes, rather than the outcome of each game you play being determined by a random number generator, which is what you are at the mercy of when playing the software driven casino games!

You can, if you so desire, also communicate with your fellow players when playing such games online, as built into the live game windows is a chat room, so you can egg on your fellow players and communicate with the dealers and croupiers, which adds another level of fun to your gaming session it does have to be said.

Where to Play Live Dealer Casino Games

As long as you make the sound decision of playing at any of our featured casino sites that offer their own unique set of live dealer casino games you will not have any problems locating and then playing such games, as most of those sites do have them on offer.

Things to keep in mind about those live dealer casino sites is that each of them do of course hold a full gaming license, so the studios and venues the games are played in adhere to the same rules and regulations as any land based casino does.

Additional things to keep in mind however when you do set about playing live games online is that you will have a range of different table stake limits depending on which individual game you choose to play, so at all times there are going to be games you can afford to play.

Also, regarding bonuses and comps each of our featured sites will be offering you some form of welcome bonus offer when you do set about signing up as one of their new players and then start playing their live dealer games.

Each of our featured casino sites are also going to be awarding you with comp points when playing their live games too, and those comp clubs are generous ones too as they have some very reasonable and low redemption rates for turning your comp points into playing credits.

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