Luzerne County Could Soon Tax Comped Casino Resort Rooms

Mohegan Sun Pocono Casino

If there is one reward that is always worth being a member of any casino resorts players club for, and one that you will appreciate, it is being given a free comped room or suite for any number of nights.

By showing a casino, via your gambling action that you are a player, your Casino Host will often have no problems comping you the cost of your room or suite, and thus that will ensure you have more money to gamble with of course.

However, there is something of a heated discussion going on over in Luzerne Country, for the tax office and controller’s office are in total and complete disagreement of whether tax should be charged on comped rooms and suites over at the Mohegan Sun Pocono Casino.

The County’s controller has stated and has even compiled a large report stating why the casino should be exempt from charging tax on their comped rooms and suites, whilst the law office says that they should be forced to pay irrespective of whether the rooms where given as a freebie or not.

One can only hope that the powers that be listen to the argument put up by the controller of the county, for one thing I can guarantee will happen if the tax office get there way, is that the casino in question will see fewer players taking them up on their offer of a free room or suite, and will probably go elsewhere where tax isn’t charged.

I know that when I visit places such as Las Vegas I would be truly insulted if my usual casino resort charged my anything for my room by way of an added resort fee, for I am of the mind my gambling action more that covers that and keeps me loyal to that venue.

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