Macau Casino Operators Feeling the Pinch

Drop In Macau Casino Income

If there was always one gambling destination that you could rely on to weather the storm, and continue to keep the money rolling in, it is of course Macau, however data just released shows that casino operators there have been feeling the pinch recently and have been experiencing a downturn in revenue growth.

Industry experts had been predicting that revenue for Macau casino operators would grow by some 6.5% for September and that is what many casino operators had been pinning their hopes on too, however the increase in revenue fell far short of that mark with at just 2.8%.

Whilst the closure of Macau casinos due to Typhoon Mangkhut for 33 hours was sure to play a part in that drop in expected income, there could be some other worrying factors as to why things didn’t quite go as expected for casino operators.

One thing that has been quite noticeable in Macau recently is that high rolling players, whilst still in attendance, are not visiting in the large numbers that they once did, and are being lured away to other gambling destinations with additional VIP perks being offered to them elsewhere.

It is of course the bread and butter punters so to speak that ensure the income keeps rolling in at those Macau based casinos, and let’s face it, those gamblers are not going to be in too much of a rush to gamble elsewhere.

Still, it will be worth keeping an eye on the next set of income figures to be released by casinos and regulators over in Macau, for if those figures start to show a negative then questions will be asked as to why that is happening, and there are plenty of reasons that income could start to drop, with a trade war between China and the USA being one such reason.

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