Microgaming Adds Switch Studios Roulette to Their Platforms

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In what does appear an attempt to lure one-time FOBT players to play at casino sites that utilize their gaming platforms, Microgaming has just announced that they are now adding a range of brand new and great looking table games to their gaming platforms.

Unlike the rather lacklustre table games Microgaming have previously launched that were designed by their inhouse team of game designers, they have opted to commission Switch Studios to design and then supply those brand-new table games.

With UK bookmakers still reeling and feeling the negative effects of the reduction regarding the maximum stake that players can play their FOBT gaming machines in their betting shops, players of those machines have started to play roulette and other casino games online, where they do not face playing for tiny stake amounts, as is now the case on those FOBT’s.

What the initial new game from Switch Studios that Microgaming have now added to all of their gaming channels offers are first and foremost much more realistic animations, and whilst still computer generated those animations do reproduce the way that a roulette ball will spin and then come to a stop, using 3D graphics.

That new roulette game went live on Microgaming online platforms and mobile gaming platform on the 27th of March and players are finding it an exiting game to play and one they much prefer playing when compared to Microgaming’s other roulette games such as their now old looking Gold Series roulette games.

Being a multi-stake game boasting low to high table stake limits, players of all levels are going to be able to afford to play it on a stake level that their bankrolls will be able to sustain, for as long as their luck holds of course.

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