Microgaming Set to Launch Second Tarzan Themed Slot Game

tarzan slot

As one of the leading casino software platform and casino game providers, Microgaming have always been at the forefront of new and innovative slot game design.

Over the twenty plus years they have been in business, they have design and then launched literally hundreds of different slot machines, many of which have become firm favourites with both online and mobile slot players.

It was a few years back that Microgaming launched a fully themed Tarzan slot game, thanks to a licensing agreement with Edgar Rice Burroughs Inc, and that slot is still proving to be one of their most played slot games.

Whenever Microgaming do stumble on a slot game concept that has proven popular with players, then you can bet your bottom dollar they will start designing an additional slot in that series, which they have done previously with games such as their Thunderstruck and Tomb Raider slots.

You will not therefore be surprised that Microgaming have just announced the launch if a second Tarzan themed slot game, however they chosen to leave the design of that slot to one of the many game studios that now supply unique games to Microgaming.

That company is Fortune Factory Studios, who have been tasked with designing that additional slot game from the ground up, and having been working away for several months now, it is going to be previewed to visitors attending the UK gambling industry’s event of the year, that being the ICE London 2020.

Microgaming are however keeping very tight lipped regarding what that new Tarzan slot will be offering players, but it is bound to be a slot that will be coming packed with both base game features and bonus games, based on the many other slots that Fortune Factory Studios have designed previously.

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