Mississippi Casino Revenue Fell Last Month

waving flag of Mississippi

It had been hoped that since the introduction of sports betting in many of the land based casinos throughout Mississippi, gaming revenue would increase throughout the state moving forward, however that turns out not to be the case.

It is true to say that gambling income had been on the rise since betting on sport was introduced in Mississippi, but in November, figures just released by the state revenue department show that gambling income was down ever so slightly during that month.

Those figures are not as depressing as they may seem, for upon further inspection the decrease was from $161million in November of last year to $160 million in November of this year, so things are not looking too bad when seasonable adjustments and trends are accounted for.

In total, during November just gone, sports bettors had placed $38million in bets, which produced a profit for Mississippi based sportsbooks of some $1.6 million, which is 1% of the total gaming revenue raised.

When you break down those figures into a little more detail it appears that the land based casinos in Mississippi fared the worst with a collective 2% drop in income, and the river casinos saw their collective income increase 2% in November.

Looking forward to the next few months many industry specialists expect the revenues to increase in the next few months but only modestly, but that will remain to be seen for there can be, and often are, lots of reasons why gamblers will stay away from land based and river casinos, often due to the festive break and also the weather conditions.

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