More Bollards to be Erected on the Las Vegas Strip

las vegas strip

There have been many accidents up and down the Las Vegas Strip over the years, however when a vehicle leaves the highway for any reason and mounts the sidewalk, that can and has often caused multiple casualties and even deaths over the years.

Sadly, driving a heavy vehicle such as a truck onto a packed sidewalk is the new mode of operandi of many terrorists around the world, and the authorities in Nevada are more than aware that the Las Vegas Strip could be a prime target for that type of terrorist attack.

As such whilst there has been many bollards erected up and down the sidewalks of the Strip over the last year or so, even more of them  are to be erected in the coming weeks and months, just to add another level of protection to the visitors to the Strip.

It is Cemex USA that have been awarded the contract to supply the concrete required to build those bollards, and they are to supply additional bollards in addition to the 900+ of them they have so far erected.

Many first time visitors to Las Vegas, and those that are planning a trip to Sin City, are possibly going to be wondering whether it is safe to travel there, and thanks to ongoing initiatives such as the additional bollards, increased security and police officers monitoring and patrolling the Strip and surrounding areas, it is a very safe place to visit.

But at the end of the day anybody that is planning on visiting Las Vegas should always take steps to ensure that they are never putting themselves in any danger, and that will boil down to common sense, such as not carrying huge amounts of cash around and avoiding any off-strip dimly lit areas last at night.

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