Moss Bluff Casino Raiders Arrested

man in handcuffs

With huge amounts of cash inside all casinos, they are much more of a target these days for robbers than banks, and unfortunately it was the turn of the Lucky Star Casino in Moss Bluff to fall victim to a group of armed robbers yesterday.

It was at around 4.30am in the morning of the 29th of December that the robbers struck, two of them entered the casino and at gunpoint ordered a security guard to hand over cash, which he was forced to do.

The alarm was quickly raised and officers from the Calcasieu Parish Sheriff’s Office were quickly on the scene. They learned that the raiders had made their escape in a white Chevrolet Impala.

However, detectives were very quick to apprehend those raiders who have been named as two 17 years olds those being Joshua Stewart Tre’von Gray. In an added twist however it turns out that the getaway vehicle driver was Amie Nelson, who it appears turns out to the be fiancé of the security guard that was robbed in the casino.

That led detectives to suspect the security guard was involved, that being Brandon Cornell Guillory and upon investigation they state it was he who had planned the entire robbery.

Needless to say that all suspects have now been locked up in the Calcasieu Correctional Center awaiting trail, there were fortunately just two customers of the casino gambling when the robbery took place and no injuries were reported.

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