Most Frequently Won Progressive Slot Jackpots Revealed


With progressive jackpots that could turn you into a multi-millionaire in a single spin, the lure of playing slot machines that offer such mind blowing jackpots is too much to resist for many players and they will always be prepared to take their chances playing such slots online.

One thing that is often worth remembering though, is that your stakes when playing progressive slots are being used to feed the jackpot pools, and whilst it is only a small percentage of your stakes that are making those jackpots grow, that does have an effect on the base game RTP of such slots.

However, if you are prepared to play slots that may offer slightly lower long term expected payout percentages but will always give you the chance of winning big, then progressive slot games should be the ones you get stuck into.

What you will find, however, especially with the progressive slots that have been around for many years, is that they will have an average number of days between their jackpots being won and the amount of cash awarded to each player can be averaged out, too.

Therefore if you want to increase your chances of winning a progressive slot games jackpot then read on, for below I will be giving you an insight into just how long on average it takes for a jackpot to be won on several progressive slots after the last jackpot was awarded on each slot.

Average Time between Progressive Jackpots Being Won


One thing to be aware of regarding slot games that award their progressive jackpot much more often than other slots is that the value is going to be much lower than other slots which take longer to award their respective jackpots.

Below you will find a list of the top 10 progressive jackpot paying slots that are going to award their jackpots on average every few minutes or every few hours or so!

  • AOTG Power – 35 Minutes
  • Nian-Nian You Yu – (Blue Jackpot) 47 Minutes
  • Nian-Nian You Yu  -(Green Jackpot) 49 Minutes
  • Mega Moolah – (Minor Jackpot) 1 Hour 52 Minutes
  • AOTG – (Extra Power Jackpot) 2 Hours 7 Minutes
  • Streak of Luck – 4 Hours 56 Minutes
  • Nian-Nian You Yu –  (Red Jackpot) 5 Hours 6 Minutes
  • Holmes – (Blue Jackpot) 5 Hours 54 Minutes
  • Bingo 20 – 8 Hours 13 Minutes 
  • Cash Bandits 2 – 9 Hours 25 Minutes 

Most progressive jackpot slots are not available to players wishing to test them out for free, and that is due to the stakes being fed into such slots being used to feed the jackpot pools, however, some progressive slots can be played for free online but they will have their jackpot deactivated on the demo mode versions of those slots.

When to Play Progressive Slots

Lady Luck can smile at any progressive slot player at any moment, and as such there is no real good time to play such slots, but always make sure that you play them in the way they have been designed to give you a chance of winning their respective jackpots.

Some slots require maximum stake wagers to be placed on them by players to give them a chance of winnings a jackpot, and some slots will force you to play for the maximum number of pay lines, too.

Please do have a look around this website for I have over the years compiled quite a lot of additional guides relating to playing progressive jackpot awarding slots of every description, and you are bound to find many of them of great interest.

In particular look out for my guides that are going to give you an insight into the average jackpot amounts paid out to winning players, for by knowing just how much a slot machine awards via its jackpot on average, you can then look out for when such slots have overdue jackpots attached to them.

An overdue jackpot could be won at any time of course, however, the bigger a jackpot becomes and the higher in value than its average hit amount it is the greater the chance it will be won much sooner rather than later.

Guaranteed Hit-By Progressive Slots

Dollars Falling 1
business, people, success and fortune concept – happy businessman with heap of dollar money over blue background

One popular slot playing strategy that you may be interested in adopting for yourself will see you first having to find a range of slot machines that have guaranteed hit by jackpots attached to them.

What those slot games have been designed to do, is to award their progressive jackpots before they reach a certain value, and whilst they could be won at any moment, if they are rapidly approaching their guaranteed hit by amount then they are going to pay that jackpot out sooner rather than later.

Therefore, put together a list of those slots and then religiously make a point of checking their respective jackpots frequently, for there will come a  time when you spot such a jackpot not far off its guaranteed hit amount and that is when you should start playing such a slot, for it will be won soon.

Once such a jackpot is won the meter will reset itself to its seed amount.

So, if you do spot a slot with a fairly low jackpot displayed on its meter then that is a sure-fire sign that slot has recently paid out its jackpot and as such it is very unlikely to do so again for some time. So avoid giving such slots any amount of play time until their jackpots have grown in size for you will simply be feeding the jackpot with your stakes.

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