The Crazy Odds Offered on Political Betting

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Yesterday we looked at the ridiculous prices that are often offered by bookmakers. Well, when it comes to politics and particularly UK General Elections, the situation becomes even crazier with pathetically low odds offered.

With Brexit going on and on, a General Election could well take place this year, so keeping your eyes on the odds available is a good idea. At Paddy Power, the Conservatives are odds on to win the most seats but it’s the odds available for other parties outside of the Tories and Labour that are out of order.

100/1 on the Lib Dems!!

How do you fancy taking just 100/1 on the Liberal Democrats to win the most seats in the next UK General Election?  Recent polls have them at 9-10%, over 25% behind the top two. How on earth can they be only 100/1 to suddenly get the most seats in the next election and run the country? 

What must be taken into consideration is the fact the UK uses a ‘first past the post’ method making it difficult for smaller parties. In the 2010 General Election, the Liberal Democrats had 23% of the votes but still only won 57 seats. Are we now to believe that with at a much lower percentage they are just 100/1 to win the next General Election?

UKIP In Downing Street?

It gets worse because UKIP are only 400/1 to win the most seats at the next election despite being between 3 and 6% in the polls. The 2015 election saw them get 12.6% of the vote and get just one MP. With the bad publicity over their latest leader, 400/1 is a joke,  I’d offer you 4 million to one and not expect to pay out a penny.  Oh, and anyone fancy taking 500/1 on the Green Party or Renew to win the most seats?

The odds being offered on any, but the two main parties are an absolute joke. Odds are based on the probability of something happening, bookies need a few lessons when It comes to politics.

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