Nearly All Maryland Casinos Report Increases in Revenue

Rocky Gap Casino

There are just six land based casinos operating in Maryland, however it would seem that the majority of those venues have been very busy of late, for five of them have reported some significant increases in regards to their income.

Whilst those five casinos had cause to celebrate their improved popularity, it was the Horseshoe Casino that saw its revenue drop over the last year, based on the previous year’s income, and the owners of that casino venue say its income dropped by 3.7% which in cash terms equates to an income of $21 million.

One of the main reasons suggested for the drop in revenue for that property is that with the MGM National Harbor opening in late 2016, a proportion of that venues customers had decided they would much prefer playing at the new venue, however the drop in revenue experienced was not as large as it was predicted it could have been.

In fact, it was the Ocean Downs Casino that had managed to achieve the most impressive figures this year based on the ones achieved in the previous year, having boosted its income by some 19.1%.

The six casinos all of which are based and located in Maryland are the Hanover’s Live Casino and Hotel, the Hollywood Casino, Rocky Gap Casino Resort and of course those casinos already mentioned up above, Ocean Downs Casino, MGM National Harbor and the Horseshoe Casino.

However, things do change all the time in the land based gaming environment, and it would be no surprise at all to see the usual swings and roundabouts in the coming year that are associated with gambling revenues reported are each of those six venues.

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