New Konami Slot Machines Offer a Mega Screen


Some of the most played slot machines in many land based casinos are those that have been designed by Konami. By far and away their most popular slot machines ever have been their range of Asian themed slots.

In recent years they have concentrated their design efforts on bringing out a range of new slots that have been housed in their standard sized cabinets, but it would appear things are changing, for they have just launched a range of Mega Screen slots.

Whilst ensuring their slots do boast their ever popular Asian themes, you are going to find those new slots come with a double seat in front of them, allowing you and a loved one to play them together, and with progressive jackpots also on offer, there is always the chance to win big.

However, what those slots will require you to do, which is something their older slots didn’t require, is for you to play them for maximum bet stakes to have any chance of winning their respective jackpots, so they are aimed at the slightly higher rolling slot player, rather than the low rolling penny slot player for sure.

Those new slots certainly do appear to be getting plenty of play time from slot players who like the high frequency trigger rates of the bonus games, and the stunning graphics, animations and sound effects.

But whether slot players are into playing slots socially, with their friends or family members sat by the side of them remains to be seen.

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