New Maya Cinema Ready to Open Near the Silver Nugget Casino

Movie Theater with empty seats and projector

Whilst the Downtown area of Las Vegas does offer visitors an array of attractions, it is fair to say that the majority of them are mainly gambling related, and anyone who fancies doing something different will have a limited array of non-gambling activities on offer nearby.

However, that it all about to change, as one of the much quieter parts of Downtown Vegas is about to have a brand new attraction added, and that is down near the Silver Nugget Casino, for Maya Cinemas are just putting the finishing touches to a huge new movie theatre.

That brand new property has cost some $75 million to build and it has been said that, due to the company’s investment in it quite, a number of other company owners are now looking to invest in that part of town.

It is true to say that at one time and not that far in the past, the area surrounding the Silver Nugget Casino was very depressed, but thanks to ongoing redevelopment those days do appear to be over.

The new Maya Cinemas property is going to boast a total of 14 individual movie screens complete with the very latest state of the art seating and sound equipment and also inside the property is a huge amusement arcade too.

The venue is due to open on the 18th of January, and as such anybody who may be visiting and who fancies sitting back in very luxurious surroundings and watching any of the very latest blockbuster movies, is going to be able to do just that.

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