Newly Renamed Sahara Casino Looking to Step Back in Time

Beautiful sand dunes in the Sahara

The former SLC Casino in Vegas has been renamed as the Sahara Casino, as it is believed, and is probably very true to say that visitors to Vegas are much more likely to want to say at and/or visit a casino with a familiar name, and the SLS Casino was of course born out of the original Sahara Casino when the property was closed and the purchased by the new owners several years ago.

But the newly reopened property was always what could be best described as quiet when it was reopened as the SLS, as due to its location and the recent closure of other casinos nearby namely the Stardust and Riviera Casino there wasn’t much of a footfall in the area nor was there much passing trade either.

However, the casino owners are eager to bring the venue back to life and have just put out a call for anyone who may have purchased any of the original fixtures and fittings and any of the original artwork and memorabilia that adorned the walls of the original Sahara Casino that they may have purchased during the auction held when the Sahara closed to get in touch with them.

What they are hoping is that some of the people who did purchase any of the above would be prepared to donate it to the casino to be used to give the hotel lobby a retro look and feel, as any original items that are donation, either for the short or long term will be displayed in that area of the property.

Whilst any items will be considered, they are very eager for any items that originated from the 1950’s through to the 1970’s. Anyone who is willing to donate anything they may have purchased from the auction held after the closure should visit the Sahara Casino website for more details.

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