No Change to the Locals Only Dealer Laws in Macau Casinos

macau skyline at night

When visiting gambling destinations such as Las Vegas, you are not only going to come across visitors from all four corners of the world, but you are also going to come across casino employees that originate from many different countries of the world, too.

In fact, many casino employees in Vegas will have displayed on their name badge the part of the world they originate from, either via a small flag like graphic, or their country of origin will be simply printed upon that name badge.

However, in Macau the thorny subject of allowing non-Macau residents the opportunity of working as casino Dealers has, once again, been discussed recently. It was hoped that the laws preventing individuals who are not from Macau to become casino dealers would be dropped.

That sadly is not going to be the case, as the secretary for economy and finance for Macau, Lionel Leong Vai Tac, has stated that there are no plans to change the rule, and the locals only policy regarding casino dealers will stay in place for the foreseeable future.

Whilst there does appear to be no reason as to why that policy should be in place, apart of course from ensuring that casino dealer job are given to locals only, it does seem something of an archaic law which probably wouldn’t be permitted in other parts of the world.

But that does, of course, mean that if you are ever planning a visit to Macau and aim to gamble at any of the thousands of different gaming tables located in the many land based casino there, you are certainly going to get a full native experience.

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