Norwegian to Restart Their Direct Vegas Flights

Norwegian Vegas

I am a regular visitor to Las Vegas, however living in Europe one thing I have always found difficult to do is to get direct flights to Vegas that are available for prices that I am prepared to pay.

What I did discover a couple of years back, however and something that may interest you if you live in Europe, is that some countries do not charge the high Air Passenger Duty on International flights that, for example, the UK does.

That tax on flights can and does often add hundreds of pounds to the cost of your flights, and as such if you are prepared to catch a low cost flight to a European country to start your journey to Vegas from, that doesn’t charge as much for their APD then you are going to save a small fortune.

There is a low cost airline that will be restarting their direct flights to Vegas in the next few weeks and that airline is Norwegian. They have direct flights to Vegas from many European cities, but the ones in which you are going to find rock bottom prices are Norway, Denmark and Sweden.

Having flown from all three of those cities several times directly to Vegas I have always found their Boeing Dreamliner aircraft to be fantastic planes for long haul flights, and there is no doubt in my mind you will too.

Those flights are going to be starting again from November, and now is the time to secure a low cost return flight.

Norwegian had been offering around the year direct flights from Europe to Vegas, however due to their brand new fleet of Dreamliner aircraft being unable to take off in the heat in Vegas during summer, due to the increased weight of their often full planes, they stopped flying during the hot summer months and now only fly during the autumn and winter.

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