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Without a shadow of a doubt some of the very best casino games you can play online are video poker games and the reason why those games are much sought after by savvy players is that they offer some of the best pay-out percentages over the long term.

Having said that though not all video poker games available online are going to be offering you very high pay-out percentages, and one thing that is important to know is that they are games in which your skill and knowledge of how each game plays, can have an effect on whether you will win or lose too.

As such please do read through the following guide to playing online video poker games for by doing so you are going to get a good insight into now only how to play such games online, but will also be able to master playing them, which in turn will allow you to increase your overall winning chances.

All of the casino sites that are showcased throughout this website will offer a range of different video poker games, some of which are designed in such a way that you can play off just one hand per game, some variants allow you to play lots of hands per game, and you will also come across a range of progressive jackpot paying video poker games too.

Being games however that you often get the option of setting the coin and stake values you can play them for, never be under the illusion they will be too expensive to play, as that is never the case on multi denomination video poker games!

How to Play Online Video Poker Games

Let me now give you a good insight and overview as to just how you can play online video poker games, obviously what you should be doing first is to locate the variants that have been designed to turn to players over their long term play the very highest of pay-out percentages.

Once you have select a game and have launched it you are then faced with having to select a coin value to play for, and can also decide whether to play one to five coins per hand too.

I should point out that quite a number of video poker games that are accessible online will offer an enhanced jackpot pay-out when players do set about playing them with five coin hands in live play, so make sure you set the games to play firstly for a coin value you can afford and also a coin value setting that allows you to be able to afford to play for maximum coins hands too.

Next simply click onto the deal button, and by doing so five playing cards are randomly dealt out to you, you then need to decide if any of those playing cards are worth holding, any cards that have formed a winning combination on that initial deal as are listed on the pay table should be held.

If not you should hold the cards that will give you a chance of forming one of those winning hand combinations on the second stage of the game, simply click onto the cards you wish to hold and then click onto the deal or re-deal button and the card you haven’t held are removed from the screen and random once are then dealt out from those remaining in the cyber deck.

If you then go on to form a winning hand combination on that second stage of the game or manage to form one on the first stage of the game you are paid out as per the pay-outs listed on the pay table of the game you are playing in respect of the number of coins you wagered on that winning hand.

How to Play Online Video Poker Games Perfectly

It is your skill and ability knowing just which cards to hold if any once the initial set of five playing cards has been dealt out to you that determines whether you have a good chance of winning when playing video poker games or losing!

However, there are literally millions of different hands that could be dealt out to you when playing such games, and as such learning which cards to hold and which ones to discard and get replaced could take a lifetime!

But as most video poker games these days have an auto hold option setting, if you turn it on then whenever your first set of five playing cards have been dealt out to you the game automatically holds the best cards for you, therefore taking all of the risk and guesswork out of selecting the best cards to hold, so make sure you always turn on that option setting is my advice!

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