Online Video Poker Players should be Playing the All Aces Variant

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It has always been video poker games such as Jacks or Better that players have been attracted to playing, for that game has been around for decades and is still actually one of the most played variants.

However, thanks to the sheer number of online casino game developers that supply the suite of games to casino sites, the number of variants has grown, and now it isn’t too uncommon for players to find dozens of different variants on offer at any casinos sites they play at.

It has long been known that video poker games do offer players the very best playing value, due solely to the fact that the long term expected payout percentages on such games, when played optimally are very high.

So by spending a little bit of time learning the ropes of playing video poker, and for example always ensuring the auto hold option setting is switched on and activated, players will never make any playing errors and can expect, over their long term play some very high paybacks.

But as for just how high those paybacks are, well it is always going to be the variant players have opted to play that will ultimately determine the payout percentages they are going to achieve.

The pay tables of most video poker game variants can and will vary depending on where you chose to play such games, but when playing online there is one variant that players should always be making a beeline to play, and that is the All Aces variant.

The reason why that game should be the one that all players do get stuck into playing, is that it comes with a very high payout percentage, which when played perfectly is 99.92%.

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