Only US Casino Operators Battling for the Elliniko Casino License

New Athens Casino

Originally, when it was announced that the land that houses the now closed Athens Elliniko Airport was to be transformed into a casino resort, there was a huge amount of interest from casino owners and operators in many different parts of the world to get the license to operate that casino.

However, as the weeks and months have ticked by, the number of companies that are still showing an interest in obtaining the license and permits to build a huge casino resort on that land has decreased, so much so that there are now just three companies still interested in taking on the project.

All three of those companies are in fact US based casino operators, so it would appear as soon as the final decision is given on which company will be building and operating that casino, the company chosen to run the new Athens casino will be a US based company.

The three highly experienced casino operators are Caesars, who have been actively seeking out many overseas opportunities recently and are ever eager to expand into new territories, the Hard Rock Café and Mohegun.

It is expected to be at the end of the year when the powers that be in Athens finally make their decision, and there is no current red-hot favourite to be awarded the concession for the casino resort, but Caesars do look likely, as they can often be relied on to put together a good deal for all concerned, however whether they are awarded the concession does, of course, remain to be seen.

The old Athens Airport does stand on a huge plot of land, and as such it is expected that the casino resort, when built, will be a major attraction for the surrounding area, and one in which visitors are expected to not only originate from Athens but from overseas too.

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