Paddy Power Casino Players Bags a £1.6m Slot Jackpot

Paddy Power Slot Jackpot

It appears to have been an expensive week for Paddy Power Casino, for reports are just in that one of their online casino players has just won a mind blowing £1.6million jackpot, playing one of the ever popular progressive jackpots slots.

It was the Genies Jackpot slot that finally dropped its jackpot this week and whilst that player must have been something of a high roller, playing for stakes of £4 per spin, the player will surely be thanking Lady Luck for her new found jackpot.

To be fair though, it probably did not cost that player a small fortune to win the jackpot for she had only been playing for around 8 minutes or so when the jackpot was landed, proving that slot players never know when life changing winning spins will occur, which is all part and parcel of the fun and excitement of playing online slots.

No name has been announced for the winner, as she has opted to remain anonymous. However with the speed that Paddy Power pays out their winning players, she has probably already got those winnings in her bank account, and has more than likely already been out on one or two shopping sprees.

It has been reported the slot player was playing alone, so could tell anybody of her win when it happened, but she did keep logging out of her account then back in account, just to see if the balance was still there and was real and she wasn’t dreaming.

If you are planning on playing a few online slots today or in the very near future, then it may be worth giving the Genies Jackpot slot a wide berth for a bit, as its jackpot has now been reset to its seed amount and isn’t likely to get as large as £1.6million for quite some time.

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