Plans for a Ridgecrest Casino Voted Down

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Plans for a Ridgecrest Casino Voted Down

A planned casino in Ridgecrest has been causing outrage with local residents, many of whom are outraged at the thought of a new casino being given permission to open up nearby their homes.

On Wednesday of this week it became apparent that the proposed sale of land by the Ridgecrest City Council redevelopment agency to Global Investment Enterprise Ridgecrest would no longer be going ahead, as the council voted not to sell the land after all.

It was after hearing some very outspoken local residents putting forward their fears of a casino opening up in the city limits which possibly swayed the vote, and there were certainly plenty of people who attended the meeting that wanted the proposed land sale killed stone dead. 

It was the Timbisha Shoshone Tribe that had been eager to open a casino in Ridgecrest, in fact they originally proposed doing so over two years ago, and the only stumbling block apart from getting approval for a casino was the purchase of the land from the council.

The worries of religious groups who attended the meeting to voice their concerns was that by opening up a casino it would see the neighbourhood descend into a den of vice, sin and crime!

There were of course a tiny number of people who were all for a casino, but their views on how the area would benefit from a share of the income generated from a casino appears to have fallen on deaf ears, and the sale of the land was rejected.

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