Play Slot Machines then Quickly Repent!

slot machine closeup
One of the funniest news stories of the week has to be the one originating from Houston over in Dallas. Fire-fighters were called to the Word of Life Church in the town, as a worried resident had phoned 911 to report flames could be seen coming from inside that church.

The fire department were, as to be expected, very quickly on scene, and discovered that the property was in fact divided into two separate buildings, the first of course was the church, however behind a dividing wall fire fighters found an illegal gambling den packed with some 100+ slot machines of every possible description.

It would appear that room had been the location of a secret gambling den for quite some time, and police made several arrests, which must have been somewhat unexpected as they had been under the impression they were going to be assisting the fire department with a major fire.

Anthony Scott who is the local Pastor was very quick to point out that the gambling den had no connection to the church, but one must wonder just how many gamblers had been playing the slot machines, and then popped into his church to repent their sins!

There are several legal forms of gambling that residents and visitors to Texas can enjoy, however to be able to legally play slot machines and other casino games it will have to be on one of the many Indian reservations gamblers will need to visit to be able to do so.

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