Players Bags Huge Jackpot at the Kickapoo Lucky Eagle Casino


There are casinos dotted all over the U.S and it is often at the ones that are not as popular as others where a slot player could win big when visiting, however knowing which slots are about to pay-out is often an impossible mission.

Take for example the Kickapoo Lucky Eagle Casino in Eagle Pass Texas, whilst not an overly busy or very well known casino, it does have some glowing reviews on websites such as Trip Advisor with gamblers praising the staff at the casino, if not bemoaning the fact that they have to pay for alcoholic drinks.

Friday night however at that casino turned out to be a very lucky day for one slot player, for he achieved the almost impossible, that being bagging a jackpot worth over $1million.

That player has chosen to remain anonymous, however what is known is that he was gambling at that casino with a friend, and he set about playing the U-Spin Jackpot slot machine, which is a variant of the Quick Hit slot.

Those slots require players to play for a maximum bet stake of some $3 per spin to have any chance of winning one of the many progressive jackpots attached to the slot, but that was a risk that player was prepared to take and he set about playing off maximum bet spins.

One can only imagine his shock which then would have turned into sheer joy as he triggered the bonus feature on which players then have to spin a bonus wheel to find out just what they have won, and he spun in the highest paying segment of the wheel facing the win arrow.

That lucky bonus wheel spin saw him instantly becoming a million and walking off with a life changing jackpot of a huge $1,548,024.46. That jackpot is one of ten that have been won by players that have been valued at over $1million at the Kickapoo Lucky Eagle Casino since 2011. 

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