Players Wins $1million on 3 Card Poker Bonus Bet

stacks of dollars in case

When playing casino card games such as 3 Card Poker, players are often faced with a range of different bonus betting options, all of which are optional, but each of which do offer some huge potential bonus winning payouts. 

It is often those bonus bets, that whilst offering huge paybacks if a player is ever lucky enough to get dealt out certain hand combinations, that sadly do  come with a high house edge, so they are often known as mug bets and ones savvy players avoid ever placing.

Well, over at the Borgata Casino and Spa in Atlantic City a lucky player has just managed to beat gigantic odds and land the highest valued bonus payout on the version of 3 Card Poker that casino has on offer, and has walked off with a cool $1million.

That side bet is one on which players must place a $5 side bet, and what they are hoping to see happen once that bet has been placed is that the dealer deals out a 6 card royal flush hand, three of those cards being dealt to the player placing that side bet and the other three cards that make up that hand in any order to the dealers hand.

Obviously the odds of such a hand being dealt out, half of it to the dealer and the other half to the player, are huge, in fact those odds are 20,348,319/1, and in 15 years of that side bet option being available in the casino, no other player has ever won it.

It just goes to show that anything is possible when gambling inside a land based casino, and if players are prepared to take on the odds and put their money on some of the much more obscure betting opportunities that are available to them, then all they need is Lady Luck to saddle up to them when playing for a mega sized winning payout to be theirs.

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