Playtech Designed Video Poker Game RTP’s Revealed

pair of aces and poker chips

Unless you have a very keen interest in mathematics, trying to work out just what the long term expected payout percentage of any video poker games are, by simply checking out the games respective pay table is going to be difficult.

It is however, something that all players should actively be trying to do, for even though video poker games from different game designers and developers may have the exact same names, that doesn’t mean the pay tables are going to be returning the same payout percentages over the long term.

Fortunately all of the major online and mobile casino game designers are quite happy to publish and list their games RTP’s, and one company that is always happy to do just that is Playtech.

So if anybody out there a fan of playing video poker and has often wondered just how high or just how low the RTP’s are on Playtech designer video poker games, then below is an overview of the RTP’s on some of their most popular and most played variants, which are based on the single hand variants by the way.

The Playtech designed Jacks or Better video poker game has a pay table that returns an RTP so some 99.54% which is the industry standard pay table, their Joker Poker video poker game has an RTP of a slightly lower 98.60%.

The Deuces Wild video poker game has been designed to return to players over their long term play a payout percentage so some 98.91%, and one other game plenty of players do enjoy playing is their Aces and Faces game on which the RTP is 99.26%.

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