Poker Ride Casino Card Game Jackpot is Overdue

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It is time for all casino card game players to make their way over to a Microgaming software powered casino site, and to get stuck into playing the progressive version of the Poker Ride card game.

The reason is that the jackpot, which is won on average every 28 days or so, hasn’t been hit on that game for over 73 days, and as such it is seriously overdue and may just be about to be won.

On average that game pays out some £173,599 via its progressive jackpot, but currently that jackpot stands at a whopping £225,701, and as Microgaming always pay out their progressive jackpot winners in a single lump sum payment, that jackpot is there for the taking.

The way in which the Poker Ride game awards that jackpot is by a side bet, and once that side bet is placed, players are then required to see being dealt out to their hand one of several different hand combinations, one of which will award that ever rising jackpot.

The side bet costs just 1.00 in the currency a player is playing the game for, and if a player is awarded a Flush hand they are paid out 50.00 as their bonus bet payout, that payout becomes one worth 100.00 if a Full House is dealt out and 500.00 if a player receives a Four of a Kind hand.

However, it is when a player gets dealt out a Straight Flush that they then will win a 10% share of the current value of the progressive jackpot which becomes 100% if that jackpot displayed on the jackpot meter when a Royal Flush hand is dealt out to them.

Microgaming have teamed up once again with Just for the Win to launch a brand new slot game, that being the Shogun of Time slot, which will shortly be making an appearance on their multi-channel gaming platforms, so if players don’t have much luck on the Poker Ride game maybe they should consider giving that new slot some play time.

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