Police Not Overly Concerned About Proposed New Danville Casino

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Whenever a new casino has been given the green light to be built or is going through the required application process, there are always going to be people who will oppose such a venue and will often state that a casino will be a hotbed of crime and will attract ne’er-do-wells to the area.

Recently over in Danville a change in state legalization paved the way for a new casino to be built, and as such, as night follows day there will be plenty of companies that will tender an application to build that venue and operate it.

However, there has been plenty of opposition to a casino in Danville, so much so that the local Sheriff’s Office has gone on record publically to give its opinion on whether such a venue will see an increase in crime and how it would go about addressing such a situation if it occurs.

Both the local police chief, Scott Booth along with Mike Mondul, a Danville Sheriff, have said that they are in favour of such a venue being built, citing the huge number of jobs that would be created, some of which could even be given to ex-offenders or people who may otherwise be tempted to commit crimes.

In fact, Mondul is of the mind that there would be no imminent or even ongoing increase in the crime rate in the surrounding area if and/or when a new casino opens, and with the usual checks and double checks put in place by the state gaming regulators he doesn’t envisage any problems with such a venue whatsoever.

It will be down to the final decision by the General Assembly and then left to a vote of local residents as to whether a casino can be allowed to open in Danville, but as its stands that looks to be a sure-fire bet.

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