Ponca Tribe to Open Prairie Flower Casino Despite Legal Challenges

Prairie Flower Casino

The doors of the new Prairie Flowers Casino over at Carter Lakes are going to be swinging open on the 1st of November 2018, and the owners and operators of that new casino venue are confident it will prove to be popular with visitors, thanks in no small part to its location.

It is the Native American Ponca Tribe that own that soon to be opened casino, and with it being located on the Iowa – Nebraska border, they are hoping players will flock to the venue and get stuck into their gaming machines.

What the casino is offering as part of their first stage of development of the casino is some 200 slot machines, which are dotted around their medium sized 9,500 gaming floor. Visitors will also be able to make use of the additional snack bar and drinks bar too.

However, there is soon to be a legal challenge as to the operation and location of that new land based casino, for it appears that the state government in Iowa is taking the federal officials to court as they are concerned that the casino is going to be competing with and driving revenue away from casinos that are located in Council Bluffs.

In fact, the casino does not just face a legal challenge from Iowa, for Nebraska have also chosen to join in the lawsuit due to the fact that Carter Lakes borders their state, and it is no secret that Nebraska is a state in which casino gambling is not permitted.

But either way, the casino is planning on opening its doors next week no matter what, and whether the lawsuit will prove to be successful remains to be seen.

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