Prairie Band Casino and Resort is 21 This Month


When the Prairie Band Casino and Resort first opened it was a popular venue from day one, with many local residents choosing to gamble there and many others coming from much further afield to spend a weekend or even longer gambling and taking in the local sights.

This month marks the 21st birthday of the Prairie Band Casino and anybody that may not have visited it recently is not going to recognise the place.

For over the years and in the last year or so especially, the casino resort has been extended with the addition of more hotel rooms, the gaming floor has also been massively increased in size and the entertainment schedule is impressive, too.

A range of special promotional offers are being planned for this month to celebrate the 21 years the resort has been in business, and guests will have plenty of slot machines to play on the gaming floor, including a good mix of older machines and the very latest all singing and all dancing slot machines.

However, with a good mix of restaurants, the golf course and over 20 gaming tables also on offer, there will be plenty of other things to do than just play slot machines.

The renovations haven’t actually ended for in the coming year it is planned to have a new bar and grill on offer and both indoor and outdoor swimming pools are also planned for 2020.

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