Responsible Gambling Week 2019


This week sees the UK’s Responsible Gambling Week going live, and all gambling companies based and licensed there will be promoting the additional services that they are obliged to offer their customers to ensure they can always stay in control when gambling online.

As a real money player at any bingo, poker, arcade, games and even casino sites along with any betting sites and apps that are available in Great Britain, customers of those sites do have access to a range of responsible gambling tools that they can always make use of.

Those include being able to set a time limit that they can stay logged into their gambling accounts for and setting any loss and deposit limits too. Such sites and apps are also legally obliged to flash up warnings on a player’s computer or mobile screen alerting them to how long they have been logged into such a site or app for, and how much they have wagered up until that point in time too.

For those gamblers that feel their gambling activities may be getting out of hand, there are also additional ways that they can stop gambling, such as self-excluding themselves from any gambling sites that they are a member of.

By doing so those gamblers will then be effectively self-banning themselves from those gambling sites and/or apps, and they will therefore be unable to gamble at those sites whilst their self-exclusion is in place and active.

It is also possible to take a break from gambling from any UK based and licensed gambling site or app, and customers can request that their accounts are suspended for any period whilst they take some time away from gambling.

If you feel you need some help or advice regarding your gambling activities then you are advised to check out the GamCare website, where plenty of assistance is available.

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