Rivers Casino Bans Customer for Life for Reckless Endangerment!

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There are many things that you should do when you fancy visiting a casino, and one of those things is to make sure you have someone looking after your children whilst you are away gambling in the casino.

That sadly appears not to be something that was in the mind of a woman living in Unity, who decided she fancied a visit to the nearby Rivers Casino in Pittsburgh, and took her 10 year old daughter along with her.

However, as the legal age to gamble is of course 21, she decided to leave her child in her car in the parking lot whilst she ventured into the casino to try her luck.

After six whole hours alone in the car however the little girl plucked up the courage to call 911 and told the operator her mother had left her in the car and she didn’t know where her mother was.

When police officers attended the scene it didn’t take them very long to find the mother inside the Rivers Casino gambling away quite happily.

The police are planning on charging the mother, Nicole Marie Inks, with endangering the welfare or her child and also charge her with the crime of reckless endangerment too.

The casino management were not impressed either when they found out about this and have also chosen to ban her for life from ever setting foot inside the casino again.

The excuse given by Inks was a little farfetched too, for she proclaimed to have simply visited the casino to purchase a gift card but lost track of the time and forgot she had left her child in the parking lot. How many people do you know that visit a casino to simply purchase a gift card?

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